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  • Dec. 7th, 2005 at 9:38 PM
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Yes, yes. No updates in forever and this is just going to jump right in.

So on Friday night, I took my contacts out. When I went to put them back in on Saturday afternoon, my right eye was assaulted with a stabbing, buring sensation. Not wanting to, say, GO BLIND, I  took them out and decided to try again on Sunday.

Same deal.

I thought maybe I had a tiny scratch or something on my eyeball, so I waited until Monday evening to try again. Still the pain.

So decided to bite the bullet and make an eye appointment. It'd been two years since my last one, anyways.

It's always fun for me to break in a new tech because part of the drill is that I take off my glasses and look at the eye chart and I'm supposed to tell him which like I can read. Now, the chart is across the room so, of course, I say, "I can't read any lines."

"Not even the big 'E'?"

"I can hardly tell there's a poster on the wall."

"OK, well, stand up and walk forward until you can read the 'E'."

So I stand up and walk all the way to the wall, stand up on my tiptoes and get my face as close as I can to it.

"Now I can read it."

Except it was still a little blurry, but I couldn't get any closer because my boobs were in the way. Man, I wish I had said that to the tech. LOLOL.

Anyway, I now have new (disposable, not daily wear since they don't make daily wear in a strong enough prescription for me) contacts and I swear to god, it's like magic. I didn't think my old contacts were that bad, but my prescription had changed from -7.5 in both eyes to -8.5.

For those of you who don't wear glasses and have no idea what that means... crap, I can't find any sort of conversion tool, but it means I have significant visual impairment.

But I can still be corrected to 20/20, so that's good. However, my vision is still deteriorating, so that's troubling. I wish I had the money for LASIK.


  • Jul. 15th, 2003 at 7:55 AM
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So you know how I tore a contact lens the other week? Well, when I opened the new ones this morning, I discovered one had a big chunk missing out of the side of it. Being the idiot I am, though, I threw out the temporary ones last night so now I'm sitting here with a contact digging into my eye, waiting for the place to open so I can call them and make them arrange for me to pick up a new one at a branch closer to work.

Additionally, I'm sitting at someone elses desk right now and I want to die. I'm surrounded by some of the most ridiculous crap in the world. Concert tickets for Yanni. Inspirational clip art. Jesus embracing the U.S. of A. Teddybear angels. A kitten calendar. The obligatory post-911 flag waiving bullshit. The rather disturbing triumverate of Usurper Bush, the guy who played Spencer for Hire, and David James Elliot.


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