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Birthdate:Jan 27
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
My current, skyfilled layout is courtesy of [personal profile] exitsign who created it for me for Leahmas.

Friending policy: I don't have a policy exactly. In my head, I don't refer to it as 'friending' so much as 'stalking awesome writers in the multitudinous fandoms I whore around in.' So, basically, if I have read your fic and liked it, I'll friend you.

I don't friend automatically and don't expect it from others. Pretty much none of my posts are f-locked but, if for some reason, you feel your life will be incomplete until I friend your journal, you're more than welcome to email me with reasons why I should friend you. ;)

De-friending policy: If I defriend you its because a) our interests have grown apart and we no longer have any common ground b) you have become a psychotic robot and I must flee for my safety c) I friended you when you friended me, and wasn't that a mistake? d)You appeared normal and fun; then you posted pictures of your latest round of cutting e) you're stupid and boring and lame.

For the most part, it's going to be reason a), but you know, a girl likes to have options.

"Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden. My words echo
Thus, in your mind."

~~ from "Burnt Norton," T.S. Eliot 1943

"You were promised to me neither by life nor by God,
Not even by my secret premonition.
Why then do you linger at night in the doorway,
As if in the languor of happiness?

I won't come out, I won't cry: "Oh, be mine alone!
Be with me until the hour of death!"
I only speak, with the voice of the swan,
To the inconstant moon."

~~ Anna Akhamatova, trans. Judith Hemschemeyer 1915

"They fle from me that sometyme did me seke
with naked fote stalking in my chambre"

~~ Sir Thomas Wyatt c.1535

"Don't you mess with a little girl's dreams
'cause she's liable to grow up mean..."

~~from "Control,"Haunted Poe

Overeducated and overliterate, party of me.

for all of your WaT AU needs

a novel in a month? sure thing!

nick and greg are pretty.

porn here! we got your porn here!

holidays + crimeslash = fun times for all
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