Fic Graveyard Post #16 CSI:M/Sports Night

  • Sep. 21st, 2009 at 10:57 AM
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OK, so CSI: Miami.

As I mentioned before Tim Speedle is one of my fandom kryptonites.

I will wedge him into any story possible if just to fix the character assassination wrought by his ignominious end.

One of things I love most about him is the BLATANTLY GAY BACKSTORY whomever was in control of the CBS website in the early 2000's came up with. Before you accuse me of being a deluded slasher, just read this (it's paraphrased since CBS took down his old character bio and I can't find it while I'm at work, but it's accurate):

Tim grew up in upstate NY where father was a restaurant chef and his mother was a social worker. He had a brother who was significantly younger and a best friend (I named him David). Tim and his best friend had plans after they graduated high school to go to college together. Their plans were derailed, however, when David was seriously injured during their senior ski trip. In addition to severe internal injuries, he became parapelegic. So when Tim went off to college, he spent all of his time researching paralysis, trying to come up with a rememdy for David. Tragically, after about two years (all of them in the hospital, it sounded like), David died from his injuries.

At this point, Tim jumps on his motorcycle and disappears for a year and no one knows where he is until he shows up on David's uncle's doorstep in Miami. David's uncle was the county coroner and it's through him that Tim meets Megan and gets interested in forensic science. He finishes school and starts working for the Miami crime lab...

Honestly, that shit is GAY. I'm just saying.

Except for the SPN xover I posted earlier, all of the stories -- posted and unfinished -- I have for him are sort of interrelated.

It starts with this snippet below which details the fun, sexytimes Speed and David have on their senior trip immediately before the tragic accident:

seriously, I can bring the angst if I try )

The tale continues in the story I wrote for a fic exchange called A Thousand Whispers.

The next bit is Sawdust Voices which is actually one of my favorite things that I've ever written. This is also part of the tattoo series I had in my head.

Next comes canon except, instead of dying in that jewelry store, Tim gets a total wakeup call. He does not actually want to die, but he does't want to be involved in law enforcement either. So he quits his job, moves back to NY state, and enrolls in graduate school.

It's then that he meets a certain sportscaster of our acquaintance.

this is really long )

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  • Oct. 8th, 2003 at 11:19 AM
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So last night [ profile] lallybroch threw a stamping party for [ profile] clementine21, [ profile] everlastingwhy, Beth and I. It was pretty fun and I'm a big sucker for crafts, but I managed to refrain from spending a ton of money I just don't have. The Ru-mate and I did buy one thing, though. A set of seven decorator stamps of toile-style flowers which we are going to use to finish our living room and dining room walls. I think it'll look quite nice.


The cable guy came yesterday and installed magic cable for us. It's so excellent. The first thing I did when he left was set the DVR to record CSI:Miami, CSI, and WaT every week. Almost more exciting than that is the fact that he replaced some connectors in the apartment and now my CBS reception is perfect. It's been ghosting images forever and that makes it pretty hard to watch most anything, but now...


Hopefully the gods of lazy employees will be with me today so that I can finish the WaT story like I've been trying to for days. Then I'll just have a wee bit of P/O to finish up before I can devote myself to the AU.


The stamp demonstrator last night was a very nice woman, Anne. Anne is not involved in fandom at all. Not even peripherally (hi Beth!) and her expression as we were discussing the latest kerfuffle in HP fandom was priceless, but it also just brought home how very strange fandom is. It's not something I think about very often because I'm often right in the middle of it, but on the rare occasions I step outside of myself, it always strikes me what a odd world I've chosen to involve myself in.

Especially slashdom. While I don't personally approve of the 'make everyone gay' school of slashing, I can admit that to an outsider, it probably all looks the same. It's very weird.


I'm so very tired. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open.


The Ru-mate and I have now watched all of Season 1 and about 1/4 of Season 2 of Sports Night. I have always been, and will probably always be, a Danny/Casey shipper, but up to this point, it's pretty obvious that Danny's love, though true, is unrequited. Oh, Casey loves him, but he doesn't love him. You know? I've never watched all the episodes in order, so maybe that changes as the final season progresses, but at this point, it's all very sad for Danny. And, in truth, he deserves someone much nicer than Casey, who is only a big clueless doof 99% of the time.

The combination of watching CSI:Miami and Sports Night on Monday somehow stuck the Speed/Dan pairing in my head. [ profile] alethialia thought it would be bad because, you know, nothing in common, but I think they have more in common than first meets the eye. The real problem, though, is that, even if he doesn't return Danny's feelings, Casey and Danny pretty much are soulmates and that really throws a monkey wrench into all other romantic relationships eventually.

I am thinking, though, about Speed's boyfriend in the AU. I'm plotting and planning, my friends. Muahahaha.


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