Fic Graveyard Post #7: NCIS/SPN sequel

  • Aug. 24th, 2009 at 1:50 PM
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So I wrote Shadows Keep On Changing which is a McGee/Dean story and [ profile] exitsign wrote the immediate sequel i'm just giving you a warning.

I had originally planned to write another story wherein Tim & Tony end up getting together over the haunting of Tim's sister's place...

Sequel to NCIS/SPN xover )

fic: Team Building, NCIS, Tim/Abby/Ziva, NC17

  • Apr. 25th, 2007 at 12:01 AM
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Title: Team Building
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Tim/Abby/Ziva
Rating: Oh, so very NC17
Spoilers: None. Set early- or mid- S3.
Archive: Yes, keep headers attached
Summary: Sexing.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never were. I make no money from them.

Author's note: Once upon a time, [ profile] exitsign and I started [ profile] five_acts. These are some of Jane's.

Team Building - carleton97 )


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Title: Shadows Keep On Changing
Author: carleton97
Pairings/Characters: Dean Winchester/Tim McGee
Rating: NC17
Category: slash
Word Count: 1780
Spoilers: none, pre-series for both shows

Summary: He's James Dean cool in denim and leather and Tim wishes more than anything he hadn't squealed like a girl when he'd spun around.

Notes/Warnings: I started this for the [ profile] ncis_flashfic "Supernatural" challenge, but couldn't finish it in time. It's mostly just sex, kids. The planned sequel, otoh... well, that's mostly just sex too.

there are more things... )

Now with added sequel! i'm just giving you a warning
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Title: Three Figures on Your Heart
Pairing: DiNozzo/McGee
Rating: NC-17

Author's Note: As always, this is all due to [ profile] ihatefastcars trying to keep me from going crazy at my crappy job. She feeds me pairings and scenarios and I porn it up for her. The title, again, is from Wolf Parade.

dinozzo/mcgee = love )


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