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Title: and weather in the heart alike
Author: [ profile] carleton97
Pairing: Bob/Trish (always a girl! Patrick), ~16,700 words
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: If you googled yourself, or someone you know, go away.

The title of this and the cut text are from Adrienne Rich.

Thanks to:

[ profile] exitsign for the first 8,000 words of this story & [ profile] rue_quercus for the last 1000. Without the two of them, who knows if this would ever have happened.

[ profile] fayemeadows and [ profile] lallybroch were brave enough to offer to beta this monster. Well, [ profile] fayemeadows offered. [ profile] lallybroch was conscripted even though she's not a part of bandom, she's not crazy about any of the bands, and her husband ruthlessly mocks Dead On Arrival whenever he plays Rock Band. They're both awesome for reading through my craziness and any and all mistakes left are mine.

Notes: OK, so these are totally going to be tl;dr. Sorry.

This all started back on at the end of October, right after I fell headlong into bandom. [ profile] exitsign and I would spend days emailing back and forth all squeetarded about THEIR PRECIOUS FACES! I had just finished reading [ profile] nafs fantastic Patrick/Nick Carter story and desperately wanted to write some Bob/Nick Carter, but [ profile] exitsign shut that down pretty quick. Instead, I got the image in my head of Bob getting turned into a wee tiny child and we spent a couple of days going back and forth about that (it's hilarious and if she gives the OK, I may post it just as chatfic), and at the end of it, out of the blue, I say:

You know what I was thinking this morning that I've never seen, but would BE THE BEST THING IN ALL THE WHOLE WORLD?

girl!Patrick/Bob. Either always a girl or genderswitch. homg.

That was October 31, 2007. It's taken me four months, and nearly 17,000 words, but I wrote it. And now you should read it.

weather abroad and weather in the heart alike come on regardless of prediction )

Continued here
Outtakes here


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