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Title: But This Hour
Author: carleton97
Fandom: bandslash/AI8
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: ~15K
Summary: When Adam needs a new sound engineer in the middle of his tour, events conspire to bring Bob Bryar to his door.

Disclaimer: Not mine, never were. Also? DON'T GOOGLE YOURSELF.

Notes: Um, random pairing is random? This is the result of the interview Adam did with... Parade (I think) forever ago taking about running into MCR in the studio and how much he loved them. That spurred the thought in me about Bob being a secret fan since he has been known to love him some pop music. Since there isn't necessarily a lot of crossover between fandoms, I've got a little information and a couple of links for your perusal.

Adam for bandslashers: What do you mean, you don't know who Adam Lambert is? El Glamberto was the runner-up in the 8th season of American Idol. He is a tall, fabulous drink of water with sparkles to spare. Here is a primer that's about a year old, but pretty comprehensive up to his tour shenanigans from the past year:

Bob for Idol slashers: Bob Bryar was the drummer for My Chemical Romance from 2005 - 2010. Prior to that he was a sound engineer. He is hella hot and a little goofy. His departure from the band earlier this year created bad feelings in some fans who believe the bulk of MCR handled it poorly and disingenuously, but that is neither here nor there. Here is a bit of a pictorial primer showing the many faces of Bob:

Happiness, not in another place but this place...not for another hour )


Fic: sl1 k2tog psso, Bob/Frank/Jamia, NC17

  • Dec. 15th, 2009 at 8:43 PM
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Title: sl1 k2tog psso
Pairing: Bob/Frank/Jamia
Length: 9100
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: If you googled yourself, or someone you know, go away.

Thanks to: As always, [profile] rue_quercus and [personal profile] seimaisin were absolutely invaluable in the crafting of this story. It started from an image of our favorite failboats sitting around and crafting and became this.

Notes: the title refers to a knitting stitch wherein three stitches become one.

Bob is at his store every day )
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For: [ profile] arsenicjade
Title: Crunchy And Taste Good With Ketchup
Pairing: Bob/Gerard
Rating: R
Warnings: swearing, fluff, DRAGONS
Summary: Bob is a dragon. Gerard is his treasure. 8400 words.
Author's Notes: This is probably not the story [ profile] arsenicjade expected. It is not the story I expected to write for her, that's for sure. I originally started with an entirely different idea that, frankly, ended up being dead boring. I was discussing the situation with [ profile] rue_quercus and [ profile] seimaisin and this story appeared. They, along with [ profile] exitsign, were invaluable in its creation. [ profile] rue_quercus and [ profile] seimaisin also deigned to beta for me as well. They are awesome.

seriously, do not meddle )

fic: Bob Bryar's Secret Baby Project (1/3)

  • Jun. 14th, 2008 at 1:01 PM
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Band(s): My Chemical Romance (with a brief appearance by members of Fall Out Boy)
Pairing(s): Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter
Word Count: ~ 26,800
Rating/Warnings: NC17
Author Notes: This story was born in chat with [ profile] amandazillah, fleshed out in chat with [ profile] exitsign and [ profile] rue_quercus. It wouldn't exist without them. [ profile] farwing was brave enough to take on the job of beta reading my purple, purple prose and the story would be poorer without her intercession. Any errors that remain are strictly on my shoulders. When I originally conceived the idea for this, it was truly epic, covering six years, two continents, and several tours.

Luckily, cooler heads prevailed.

Summary: Bob Bryar is a man of mystery, even Frank says so. What if there was a reason for his reticence?

Fanmixes by [ profile] fayemeadows and [ profile] miss_saigon can be found here.

It wasn't supposed to be like this )

Part Two
Part Three


more fic!

  • Mar. 2nd, 2008 at 2:03 AM
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So in the middle of writing the Bob/Trish epic, I also ended up helping [ profile] rue_quercus finish off a story that'd been stalling out on her.

It's girl!Gee/Frank. It's smoking hot. You should go read it.

with the lights on
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Title: and weather in the heart alike
Author: [ profile] carleton97
Pairing: Bob/Trish (always a girl! Patrick), ~16,700 words
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: If you googled yourself, or someone you know, go away.

The title of this and the cut text are from Adrienne Rich.

Thanks to:

[ profile] exitsign for the first 8,000 words of this story & [ profile] rue_quercus for the last 1000. Without the two of them, who knows if this would ever have happened.

[ profile] fayemeadows and [ profile] lallybroch were brave enough to offer to beta this monster. Well, [ profile] fayemeadows offered. [ profile] lallybroch was conscripted even though she's not a part of bandom, she's not crazy about any of the bands, and her husband ruthlessly mocks Dead On Arrival whenever he plays Rock Band. They're both awesome for reading through my craziness and any and all mistakes left are mine.

Notes: OK, so these are totally going to be tl;dr. Sorry.

This all started back on at the end of October, right after I fell headlong into bandom. [ profile] exitsign and I would spend days emailing back and forth all squeetarded about THEIR PRECIOUS FACES! I had just finished reading [ profile] nafs fantastic Patrick/Nick Carter story and desperately wanted to write some Bob/Nick Carter, but [ profile] exitsign shut that down pretty quick. Instead, I got the image in my head of Bob getting turned into a wee tiny child and we spent a couple of days going back and forth about that (it's hilarious and if she gives the OK, I may post it just as chatfic), and at the end of it, out of the blue, I say:

You know what I was thinking this morning that I've never seen, but would BE THE BEST THING IN ALL THE WHOLE WORLD?

girl!Patrick/Bob. Either always a girl or genderswitch. homg.

That was October 31, 2007. It's taken me four months, and nearly 17,000 words, but I wrote it. And now you should read it.

weather abroad and weather in the heart alike come on regardless of prediction )

Continued here
Outtakes here

The Bandom Mistletoe Meme!

  • Nov. 25th, 2007 at 9:45 PM
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Is going on here at [ profile] foxxcub's LJ.

I did a little something here. It's about 900 words of Patrick/Bob.
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Title: there is no natural religion
author: [ profile] carleton97
fandom: fall out boy
rating: NC17
Disclaimer: if you googled yourself, go away.

Note: Yeah, this took forever. Thank you as always to [ profile] exitsign for the unceasing audiencing.

title from william blake

there is no natural religion )

And as a special treat, here are some bits of chat that didn't make it into the story, but that I find particularly hilarious for some reason.

go team joe/patrick! )

pete just wants to help! )
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Title: warm your limbs with kisses
Author: [ profile] carleton97
Fandom: Panic! At the Disco/Fall Out Boy
Rating: PG13; language, boytouching
Disclaimer: If you googled yourself, go away.

Note: So, in lieu of NaNo this year, I decided to just write. Every day. Either finishing up old stuff or taking prompts from [ profile] exitsign. I started today and will go through December 6th, hopefully.

Title from d.h. lawrence

...and it's a blustery 17 degrees in Chicago today... )
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Title: a hollow rumble of wings
Author: carleton97
Fandom: Panic! At the Disco
Rating: PG13; language, boytouching
Disclaimer: If you googled yourself, go away.
Note: Much thanks to my lovely beta [ profile] lallybroch even if she laughed and laughed at the bandslash.

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