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Title: own the beating of our hearts
Author: [ profile] carleton97
Fandom: MLB Minnesota Twins
Rating: NC17 for underage boytouching
Disclaimer: If you googled yourself, go away.

Note: Oh, god. So dirty. And AU. Um, so this takes place at a fictional, international high school baseball world series. Not Little League. Yeah.

the title is from a Fall Out Boy lyric

i should feel more guilty about this )

Fic: Sawdust Voices, CSI: Miami, R

  • Feb. 22nd, 2007 at 9:08 PM
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Title: Sawdust Voices
Fandom: CSI:Miami
Pairing: n/a
Rating: R
Spoilers: None.
Archive: Yes, keep headers attached
Summary: One day in Speed's lost year.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never were. I make no money from them.

Author's note: Part of the background that was on the site for Speed was that, when he was a senior in high school, his best friend was paralyzed in a snowmobile accident. The friend (I call him David) dies a year or two later and Speed drops off the face of the earth for a year, reappearing on David's uncle's doorstep in Miami. This story takes place in that missing year and is part of two series I'm currently working on - a multi-fandom tattoo series and a denial!verse crossover AU.

Sawdust Voices - carleton97 )
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So last fall, I had a week of vacation. Every night, [ profile] ihatefastcars and I stayed up until all hours talking about tons and tons of fic we wanted to write. From those marathon sessions, a HP AU was born. This AU is convoluted and intense and involves just about every HP character you can think of and this is the first completed story.

The Draco/Terence pairing is not one that ends up OTP in the AU; this is more of a before-the-story type story. In our little world, after the War That Wasn't, the Malfoy family money was seized by the Ministry, but because of some arcane Wizarding rule, the property wasn't. On the outskirts of one of the wild gardens, Draco discovers a strange plant with ... interesting affects. In order to support himself and keep up the Manor, Draco begins selling said plant (that's what makes everyone glittery).

That being said...

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This is the day that never ends...

  • Dec. 31st, 2003 at 3:46 PM
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Seriously, I've been at work approximatly 87 hours today.

Tonight = New Year's Eve party. I need a nap.

In other news, as most of you are aware, I (mostly unsuccessfully) particiated in NaNoWriMo this past November. While my story has yet to be completed, I did manage to bang out a little future fic for my boys.

It's CSI: Miami, Speed/OMC, PG holiday schmoop. Yeah, yeah.

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Title: The Form Complete, Chapter 1/?, Knit of Identity
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Greg/Nick
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None, it's an AU.
Archive: Yes, keep headers attached
Summary: Nick on the beach, thinking.

Disclaimer: Not mine, never were.

Author's note: This AU sprang from a plot bunny lobbed at me by caroline crane. In it, Greg never left San Francisco for Las Vegas and Nick transferred there instead of Nevada. What follows is the absolutely untrue story of two boys in love.

August in San Francisco wasn't exactly what Nick had been expecting. )



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